How does this site work?


What do I need to do?

Its easy, you simply fill in details about the property you wish to sell, and as soon as you submit your form, your property details will be accessible on the internet by anyone who is searching for a house. If you need to change any details about the property, you can simply log back in and change them in real time.

Ok, how much does it cost?

Nothing. Thats right, it costs you nothing to advertise on here. And as a bonus, if you are already in a contract with an estate agent, and you find a buyer yourself, you probably wont have to pay them thousands of pounds in fees!

So its free? Are you sure?

Yes! We feel that people selling property have been paying huge estate agent fees for too long, and now the internet is available in nearly every household, sellers really should have a cheaper option.

You said I probably wouldn't have to pay estate agent fees if I find a buyer myself?

If the contract with the estate agent states 'Sole agency rights' then you wont need to pay their comission. You may still need to pay for you For Sale board and other minor items, but these will be negligible compared to 1000s in comission fees. However, some agents state 'Sole seller rights' in their contract. If you have an estate agent that does this, you will need to pay the fees whoever finds the buyer.